Monday, August 1, 2011

This is my Mother!!

The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Lord, have mercy
Chrlst, have mercy
Lord, have mercy

Lord, have mercy
Christ have mercy
Lord, have mercy

God our Father ln Heaven
God the Son, Redeemer of the world
God the Holy Spirit
Holy Trinity, one God

have mercy on us
have mercy on us
have mercy on us
have mercy on us

Holy Mary
Holy Mother of God
Most honored of virgins
Mother of Christ
Mother of the Church
Mother of divine grace
Mother most pure
Mother of chaste love
Mother and virgin
Sinless Mother
Dearest of Mothers
Model of motherhood
Mother of good counsel
Mother of our Creator

Virgin most wise
Virgin rightly praised
Virgin rightly renowned
Virgin most powerful
Virgin gentle in mercy
Faithful Virgin

Mirror of justice
Throne of wisdom
Cause of our joy

Shrine of the Spirit
Glory of Israel
Vessel of selfless devotion
Mystical Rose
Tower of David
Tower of ivory
House of gold
Ark of the covenant
Gate of heaven
Morning star
Health of the sick
Refuge of sinners
Comfort of the troubled
Help of Christians

Queen of angels
Queen of patriarchs and prophets
Queen of apostles and martyrs
Queen of confessors and virgins
Queen of all saints
Queen conceived without sin
Queen assumed in to heaven
Queen of the rosary
Queen of families
Queen of peace

Now who would not want a Mother like this. Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God!

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