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How to Use the Spiritual First Aid Kit

I should preface this by adding that I included a letter to the effect that:
you may not know what this is or may not want it. Tuck this kit away, for a day may come when you are in darkness and it will bring light; you may be afraid and it will bring courage; you may be despairing and it will bring hope. Know this: there is a God in Heaven and His Son Jesus and they love you very much."

How to use this Spiritual First Aid Kit

The Church in Wisdom give us visible signs of God’s Life and Grace found first in Jesus Christ, His Son, then in the Catholic Church He founded to lead people to Him and in Sacramentals, or items and prayers that are blessed. They are not magic formulas, rather combining with your own faith, even the size of a mustard seed, will bring you to Jesus, who is all Mercy. No one is rejected.
So cast your cares on Him, for He cares for YOU!!!

Blessed Beeswax Candles
Jesus is our light! But a blessed beeswax candle is a powerful sacramental to repel evil, including storms, and encourage the hope within us. Though the Blessed Beeswax Candle in your Spiritual First Aid Kit is small, do not be surprised in God intervenes so that His Light will continue to burn for you. Burn this candle when darkness, storm or trial oppress you.

Holy Water
Reminding us of the waters of our Baptism and that Jesus is the Living Water, frequently trace the sign of the cross with a few drops of Holy Water as you say, In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Water washes us clean. Holy Water used piously will repel evil. Holy Water is also used in exorcisms. The best ‘cleansing’ comes from the Sacrament of Confession. There Jesus waits for you to forgive you and heal you from sin. Father George frequently blesses the rain! What grace!

To baptize someone: while sprinkling some Holy Water on their forhead say: “ I baptize you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” You do NOT need to be a priest to baptize someone, but you need to be baptized yourself.

Blessed Salt
Blessed Salt is also used to repel evil. Sprinkle it around doors and windows when you feel oppressed by evil or danger. You can also use a few grains in your cooking, which will aid in your physical and spiritual health.

St. Michael Prayer
Say it when you are frightened or in danger or being attacked in any way. St. Michael is one of the arch or ‘boss’ angels and will protect you. The prayer was composed by Pope Leo XIIII in 1884, after he had a vision of the Catholic Church being attacked, physically and spiritually.

Miraculous Medal
In 1830 a little French nun, Catherine Laboure was given a visit from Mary, the Mother of God, who wants to help us, her children, grow closer to Jesus. She asked a medal be made of this grace. The prayer on the medal says, O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. The medal brings about miracles of body and soul, whatever is in the best interest of your soul. Wear it around your neck!!

Brown Scapular
The Brown Scapular if worn with devotion comes with many graces, the first being release from Purgatory on the first Saturday after you die.
Purgatory is a place, verified in Scripture, though not by the same name, where we are purified of our sin. Otherwise we would burn because of
our sin at the presence of Almighty God. Wear the Brown Scapular around the neck or place it around the neck of someone who is on their deathbed and provide extraordinary grace for them.

The Crucifix is the image of Our Dear Lord upon His cross. He died a horrible death for us, to save us from our sins, which will take us to hell. There are many different representations of Jesus and His cross. Hang this Cross in your home, so He can watch over you and you can gaze at Him.

Divine Mercy Image Jesus I Trust in YOU
This large picture of Jesus shows red and white rays pouring from the wounds of His hands. The rays represent Grace and Mercy, and they are pouring upon the earth. Will we open our hands to receive His Grace and Mercy? Whenever you are perplexed, confounded, or afraid, cry out: “Jesus, I trust in You.” He will not fail you. Keep this picture somewhere in your home to remind you of His Great Love and Mercy for YOU!
There is also a prayer that can be said at 3pm, the hour that Jesus died.
We say it daily. This prayer is on the back of the small image of Divine Mercy. Say it on the Rosary beads.
The history of Divine Mercy goes back to the early 1920s when Jesus appeared to a Polish Nun, Saint Faustina Kowalska, and told her to tell the world of His Mercy. One drop of His Precious Blood could quench a world of sin on fire. He waits to pour his Mercy upon the world and upon each of us. The first Sunday after Easter is Divine Mercy Sunday and great graces are attached to it.

The is the meditation of the Life of Jesus and Mary. A pamphlet is enclosed to help you say this prayer, the Greatest Weapon of our Time against the evils of this age. If you cannot say the Rosary, keep it in your pocket, or just hold it in your hands, for it will be like holding the hand of Mary, the Mother of God.

Image of Jesus Christ, The Returning King
This is a relatively new devotion. Our journey on this earth to Heaven has been greatly sweetened by the image and prayers of Jesus Christ, The Returning King. He will come again and we all want to be ready to receive Him. Tape this small picture somewhere you will be reminded of Him. We are here to tell you, Jesus loves you and waits for you to come home to His Heart.

Pieta Prayer Book
This is the most concise little book of prayers ever. Carry it with you or keep it near by.

The Holy Name of Jesus
Whenever you are afraid, sad, angry, hurt, hungry, tired, frustrated, in danger, just say the holy name of “Jesus”. Say it over and over and evil will be dispelled. Jesus waits to hear you call upon Him.

If you are not a practicing Catholic at the present time, Jesus waits for you to come home to the Church He founded, The Catholic Church. The full deposit of truth, grace, and sacraments wait for you here. If you have been hurt or wounded let Him heal you.

There is so much grace available in the Sacraments of Baptism, Confession,
Holy Communion, Matrimony, and the Sacrament for the Sick and Dying.
Do not wait any longer to experience God’s Grace in Your life!

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