Monday, December 14, 2009

St. John the Baptist and workers

In yesterdays Gospel reading, Lue 3: 10-19, about people coming to John the Baptist and asking advice, a group of soldiers came as well. They ask, "Teacher, what should we do?" John responds, " satisfied with your wages."

I have been pondering ever since about what would John the Baptist or Jesus would say to me and my husband right now. My husband is unemployed and trying to find another job that will pay the mortgage. I am working part time and like my job. But it is pretty lean around here. We live simply and have for many years. The cars are old and sometimes held together by duct tape. We are blessed with many children who are healthy and eat alot.

So I ask, Lord, what shall we do? My husband wants to and needs to work. You have been leading us deeper into your Eucharistic Heart, trusting you every step of the way. Do you provide all our needs, or will you do it through my husband and his labor? Lord, how shall we then live?

Jesus, I do trust in you. I am satisfied with my wages. Please help my husband, and all the other fathers/husbands who need to provide for their families. St. Joseph pray for us.

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