Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Call me Scrooge if you want, but I am getting really tired of this whole secular Christmas stuff.

I am tired of buying presents and baking cookies for Politically correct holiday parties.

Christmas is all about Jesus Christ and His Holy and Wonderful Birth. He was born to die. He came to save us.

It is not about the latest fashion or toy or trend or really good food.

I don't even send Christmas cards anymore because it is one more avenue and way to brag about how great your kids are, what new item you bought for your house, and what exotic vacation you took.

I am really bothered that the Christmas spending/buying season begins right around Thanksgiving. And by the day after Christmas, all the decorations and trims are taken down and it is on to the next marketing ploy......St. Valentines Day, which has been kidnapped by the money mongers as well.

In my heart, we are currently in Advent and await the beginning of Christmas in 10 days. I plan to celebrate for the full 10 to 12 days after Christmas until Epiphany.

If one is really in tune with all the shopping jazz, you will be sick of Christmas carols by Christmas eve.

I just might be 'poor in spirit' because I really want the baby Jesus to be born in my heart this year. I want to move away from the world's view of Santa Claus and presents and gifts. I want to fully embrace Christ's Birth the way it was meant to be celebrated!!!

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