Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Kiss from the Manger

Christmas was 6 days ago. I am finally catching my breath from a whirlwind of activity.
Most of the activity was planned, but there were added surprises and trials.
I don't know if I want to review it play by play. Suffice it to say I was desiring Jesus to be born again in my heart on Christmas, so that I could love Him evermore.
But by 5 days after Christmas, I was wondering if I had completely missed Him coming.
Instead, Christmas felt more like a martyrdom to me. There was plenty of tears and sorrow. Oh yes, there was joy.......but the sorrow surprised me.
Then last night, the end of my work week, and heading off to another family function, God performed heart surgery on me. He gave me a heart of flesh and filled it with love.
I had been praying for a pure heart for several days. Praise be to Jesus!
But the new knowledge that I have been given a 'kiss' from the Manger, where our Newborn King lies, hidden within all the suffering of the past week, is my Epiphany.

Mary ChristMass everyone!!!

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