Monday, January 18, 2010

clean of heart

I have written before about my desire for 3 virtues, to start with. I am much in need of humility, modesty, and being clean or pure of heart. I need all the virtues, but those are the 3 I am concentrating on, with the help of the Holy Spirit, right now.

I read Pelianito's blog and Mary and Jesus are giving urgent warnings to keep praying for the time is short. Especially after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, time is short and tribulation is coming.

So when I went to Mass, I again prayed for purity of heart. I could not put my finger directly on why I was focusing on that, until this morning.

I do not want my love for Jesus and zeal for Him to be motivated by an urgent warning.
I want my love for Him to be always on fire!!!

There is a stupid saying "Jesus is coming, look busy." He will not be duped. He knows all.

Jesus, I trust in you! Please send your Holy Spirit and make my heart pure and straight, and burn with love for You.

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