Sunday, January 10, 2010


I just finished reading the testimony of a woman who was hit by lightening.
You can read it here at

She died and faced God and was judged harshly and condemned to hell. But for the prayer of 1 man who she did not know, God sent her back to tell her story as a warning for mankind. Now I know and must amend my life of all attachment to sin or I will face a stern and severe judgment as well.

Put this with 3 other very recent events, two of them also happening today and I think I am experiencing a wake up call.

The first situation occurred a couple of days ago as I read in the Our Sunday Visitor paper how much envy can be displayed in ones life. Got it.

The first situation today was a reading from Direction for our Times Volume 2, when Jesus says He suffers when people are unkind to us. I got to thinking: what about when I am the one causing the unkindness; that is hurting Jesus directly. Ouch!

The second situation today was reading about St. Gemma Galgani who enjoyed visits from her guardian angel. He would frown at her, and say "shame on you" when she did something wrong.

That is 4 times with in a short period that God is waking me up to my sin.
Thank you Jesus.
Jesus, I trust in you.

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