Saturday, January 30, 2010

time before the Lord

Last year I joined the Altar Society at my parish, St. Mel. The Altar Society cleans the church on a weekly basis. Most women in the Altar Society are in their late
seventies and eighties.
I had just turned 50 when I joined. A week ago my 10 year old daughter joined the Altar Society, too.
The Altar Society needs younger women to do the heavier work, like vaccuming and carrying the marble casings for the oil candles. My job is to wipe the altar and Tabernacle and vaccumn the carpet in the Altar area, a pretty special job since I get to be so close to the Tabernacle.
So yesterday our assigned day to clean, my dear daughter and I spent an hour doing the Martha work in the presence of Jesus.
Just the night before we spent an hour in Eucharistic Adoration in the Chapel.
I think both hours must be pretty close to the same. In one we are still and quiet but keeping Him, Who our heart loves, company.
In the other we are working for Him in His presence.
We are so blessed and I thank you Lord.

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