Sunday, February 21, 2010


Abandonment. That is an interesting word.
I usually associate it with myself and the fear I have of being abandoned by my husband or children. They have never given me any cause to feel that way, but like a dark cloud that wants to follow, I sometimes dread being abandoned.
Tonight, Pelianito's blog about abandoning ourselves to God, gives rise to meditation.

“My beloved child, is there anything I cannot do? Then know and believe that those whose lives are abandoned to me I will use to my glory. Many are called but few are chosen. Let those who will abandon themselves to the will of the Father empty themselves of all other attachments*. The Lord has need of faithful warriors, loyal servants untethered by the world. Do nothing prematurely, but be ready in the fullness of time to abandon what you know to follow me into the unknown. Do not fear, for I do not call souls to service without seeing to every detail. Watch and pray, listen and learn. Your Lord desires that all who serve him remain at the ready.”

So I ponder: have I abandoned myself totally to God?
What am I still holding onto?

This will take longer than one posting. More later.

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