Thursday, February 18, 2010

My "Happy Hour"

Oh my Happy Hour is my Holy Hour at the Eucharistic Adoration chapel at our church.
This Holy Hour was marvelous and wonderful!!!
I just don't want to forget it!
I went in feeling apathetic and complacent. I feel exhausted from trying to live a Christian life. I am even having heart pains.
Then I read a quote in the Magnificat that said, one needs to struggle to conform to Christ. Amen!!!!!
I am dealing with a lot of pride, so it seems. And now frequently Jesus lets me know about it. The opposite of pride is humility, which is my choice virtue of this Lent.'
Again, my spiritual reading is detailing the how to of humility. I want it, but am not exactly sure what it looks like.
In DFOT, Jesus tells us to come to Him to be refreshed and that He will answer our questions.
Tonight at the chapel was incredible refreshment.
Thank you and Praise You, Jesus!

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