Friday, February 12, 2010

My Guardian Angel

I was blessed a few years ago to be given the name of my guardian angel. His name is Bruno. And he is my constant companion. I am very grateful for him and to him. He has kept me from danger and death and encouraged me onto virtue.

I learned more about our guardian angels through Sister Emmanuel of Medgjugorde. They
always want to be busy doing good to us and for us.

So I have started a new night time tradition: I hold a Rosary in my hand while I sleep and I get to offer the intention and my dear Bruno prays the Rosary for me.

Skeptics may think this is cheating. My family says 1 Rosary daily together. And my husband and I say frequently another Rosary, even 2 more, together.

But having Bruno say a Rosary at night while I sleep and hold those precious beads in yielding some great peace in my life.

Thank you Mother Mary for the world's greatest weapon.

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