Sunday, February 21, 2010

My house???

5 1/2 years ago we purchased our first house, at the height of the market.
Had we known now..............................maybe it would be different.
All these years I have been thinking of our "investment" being an asset that we could give the children when we die.
But with Brian being unemployed and we are doing everything to stay above the drowning point, I am finally detached from our house. It is just a shelter for my family. We will not recoup our investment. Best of all: it does not matter.
God has more serious plans ahead and now that I am set free from caring about the house and its future, I am more readily available to God's Kingdom.
I wish I could express how freeing this all is for me.
But my joy will have to suffice in my heart.
Thank you Jesus.
Jesus, I give you my life, my heart, my work, my house, my bills, my nothingness,
my children, my worship. I hold nothing back. It is all yours. Take from me what You will for Jesus, I trust in you.

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