Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have been having Eucharistic Holy Hours for several years. Before we moved to St. Mel Parish, my Holy Hour was once a month at night, Nocturnal Adoration. Now St. Mel has a 24/7 Chapel and we go as a family once a week to spend that precious hour with Jesus.
We bring our spiritual reading to grow in our souls. Last week I popped in for a visit and there were 2 Asian nuns dressed in a brown habit- I am not sure what the order was. There were just sitting there with their eyes closed. No books!
The very next day I was listening to Catholic radio and it talked about just sitting in the Lord's presence. I get so distracted. But the radio host went on to say, just come back to Jesus. He won't say, "Gee, you got distracted a dozen times." He will say," Ahhh, you came back to Me a dozen times."
So today I sat still for 5 minutes and closed my eyes in the chapel. I breathed deeply and in my quiet mind said "Jesus" very slowly, with each breath.
In those 5 minutes I did come back about a dozen times, but it was easy to do, because it brought greater peace than my own thoughts. Imagine that!
Tomorrow: 10 minutes in contemplation!

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