Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mark 6

What can be learned from Mark 6: 30-56?
First, the Apostles come back from working great signs, after Jesus sent them out 2 by 2. Then Jesus tells them they need to rest because there is alot of activity and people are still seeking them out. They all, Jesus included, climb into a boat and set out, but the people get wind of it and preceed them to their destination.

Lesson: in order to serve others, you need to have your rest and quiet. How can a pitcher continually pour out its contents, if itself is not refreshed?

Another lesson: in the quiet and rest, I need to connect with God in order to keep serving Him and not myself.

Let's go on: When the Apostles and Jesus get to the other side of the lake, people are waiting for them already. People always want something from someone or better yet, Some One. The are hungry in spirit, and in body. And Jesus sees this. So He teaches them and then instructs the Apostles to feed them. They are bewildered as to how to do it. He multiplies five loaves and two fish and there are 12 baskets of leftovers.

The Lesson: even after working signs and miracles, the Apostles can't figure out how to feed several thousand: 5000 men and several thousand more women and children. They just don't make the connection. It was all meant to be a lesson to the Apostles.
Jesus is constantly and still teaching them, preparing them to lead His Church.

Lesson 4: 12 baskets of leftover fragments of bread and fish. I think this might signify 1 basket per Apostle. This lesson of lack of belief was meant for all, not just some of the Apostles. Jesus is asking each of the Apostles to feed His sheep.

Moving on: Jesus asks His Apostles to preceed Him to another local while He dismisses the crowds then goes to pray alone on a mountain. He needs quiet time, too.

In the middle of the night Jesus comes walking on rough waters to bypass them. (?)
Then He joins them in the boat, the storm dies down and they are completely astounded. They had not understood the incident of the loaves. Their hearts were hardened.

Lesson: There are some things we will not understand about Jesus. Why did He want to pass them by on the water? Was there a greater lesson for them and us?

Lesson 6: An immediate transition from the storm to the incident of the multiplication of loaves and fish, leaves me confused. That's ok, for I am little and cannot understand it all. Except, that the Miracles of Jesus are amazing and hard to understand. Everything Jesus does is miraculous.

Lesson 7: Their hearts were hardened. I have pondered this for many years. Just a few weeks ago I asked a 90 year old minister (Dr. Leroy Sanders) what this meant.
He said that when humans are confronted by the supernatural, our minds have a hard time embracing it, so the natural response is to disbelieve, or in other words, have a hard heart.

Finally, Jesus and the Apostles cross together to Gennesaret where lots of people are seeking healing. Whenever they touched Jesus' cloak, they were healed.

Lesson 8: Jesus did not ask if they believed in Him or that He is the Son of God, that was not a requirement.

Their silent faith in Him was enough to render a healing.

Lesson: what is my silent faith like?

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